Emishi Eastern Tribe
The Emishi clan, a small surviving sect of the Emishi tribe, grows ever smaller with time. However, the tribe is self-sufficient. It is known for raising red elk and for making arrowheads fashioned of stone. Its residents live peacefully until a boar demon attacks the village. The tribespeople are forced to acknowledge that their young prince is cursed with eventual death.

Tatara Western Tribe
The Tatara people live in Iron Town, on a mountain by a lake just beside the forest. The Tatara men had originally come to mine iron from the mountain, but when they began chopping trees to mine from the forest grounds, they were attacked by the boar tribe. Lady Aboshi arrived with gunners and successfully drove off the animals, and was named leader of the town. Women pump the foot bellows in the ironworks, while men travel to exchange the iron for rice. The people are ignorant of the outside world, not even aware of the emperor.

Kodama Forest Dwellers
The Kodama are the palm-sized, head-clicking, ghostly white creatures that populate Miyazaki's forest. Though they signify a healthy forest, they can be frightening to people unfamiliar with them. They have human-like bodies and irregular heads, while black pits serve as eyes and a mouth. They may vanish before your eyes; however, they are friendly and act like young children.