Ashitaka Emishi Prince
Japanese voice: Yji Matsuda | English voice: Billy Crudup
Ashitaka, the last of the Emishi princes, has his quiet life turned around when he encounters a boar demon, a god who had been shot and whose fury demonized him.

On the back of Yakul and armed with a bow and arrows, he kills the raging demon as it approaches the village. However, the demon's touch leaves a mark on his arm and a curse that will eventually kill him. The wise woman of the village tells him to cut his hair and to journey to discover what poisoned the boar. He accepts his fate and travels far to the west, finally reaching Iron Town. He seeks a middle ground where there can be peace between man and nature, though he stands in a three-way war. He also meets San, and the prince finds himself falling in love with the wolf "princess."

San Wolf Child
Japanese voice: Yuriko Ishida | English voice: Claire Danes
San is Moro's "daughter," a young woman raised without ever knowing her real human parents. Her parents had fled without their baby when they encountered Moro in the forest. Instead of eating her, the wolf raised her. San now nearly equals her wolf brothers in aggressiveness, and shares their hatred for humans. At times, she can be calm and compassionate, but at others, she is savage and wild. She carries a dagger and mask when entering battle. However, though she has a deep bond with the forest, the other forest gods and creatures still look upon her as an outsider.

San will fight to the death for what she believes. She sides blindly against humans, unable to see them as anything but evil, and has an unshakable desire to kill Lady Eboshi. Though fierce, she is young and impulsive. Upon meeting Ashitaka, she is confused by his behavior, unable to classify him as either a human enemy or a friend of the forest.

Yakul Light-footed elk
Ashitaka's faithful friend, an agile red elk. These animals are raised among the Emishi tribe for their ability to leap down steep hillsides and outrun even horses. Yakul is gentle and tends to run rather than fight at the sight of danger, but for Ashitaka's sake he can stand his ground. He is wise with the ways of nature as well as man.

Lady Eboshi Lady gunner
Japanese voice: Yko Tanaka | English voice: Minnie Driver
Lady Eboshi turned Iron Town around when she arrived with her deadly tool -- guns. She wants to kill the Forest Spirit to please the emperor, who desires the severed head. However, her plans are meant to help Iron Town, as she is very benevolent to her people. She brings in and gives work to former brothel girls, and takes care of leper outcasts, who in return refine her guns.

Lady Eboshi is cool-headed and knows just what she wants. She is not afraid to stand in the face of a god. With her steady lead, the townspeople are unafraid.

Forest Spirit Mysterious divinity
The Forest Spirit is the silent governor of life and death in the forest. He has the body of a deer but a strange, somewhat human-like face. Some people claim it is a sin to look upon the god. He is a master healer and it is said his blood can cure any disease. The emperor wants the Spirit's head in the hopes that it will grant him immortality. Humans actively seek the Forest Spirit's life, but without it, the forest will die and the animals that can speak in human tongues will become weak and ordinary.

Moro Wolf god
Japanese voice: Akihiro Miwa | English voice: Gillian Anderson
Moro is a 400-year-old wolf god and San's surrogate mother. She has two male cubs of her own, who are powerful fighters. She is reasonable and intelligent, but also dangerous. She dislikes Ashitaka but recognizes that he may be able to help San and the Forest Spirit.

Okkoto Boar god
Japanese voice: Hisaya Morishige | English voice: Keith David
Members of the boar tribe are characteristically proud and stubborn, but their leader Okkoto is one of the few who are reasonable. He is blind and worn by age but wise from his experiences. He fights desperately to save his diminishing tribe.